Fantasy Series: Update

As my banner/tagline on this blog suggests, I’m in the middle of writing a fantasy series. I started writing the fourth book of the series back in 2011, finishing it early summer of 2015. The fourth book is to my series as Episode I is to Star Wars (though hopefully my prequels will be much better than Lucas’s were). So, eventually I would have to write my Episode IV (or, book one, to keep it nice and simple).

Last week, I finished the first draft of this first book. Its working title is Discovery, though I will probably discover (hehe) a better title during the editing process. It took one year and a month to complete (though the actual writing took about two months) and it’s currently in these three notebooks.


I already had some content in the “Believe in Yourself” notebook and the last half or so of the flowery notebook is empty, so my novel is contained between the two marker stones pictured below.


That’s approximately 70,000 words. For perspective, the first Harry Potter book is almost 77,000 words (a nearly perfect length for a middle grade book, if you ask me). Now, I just have to type all of those words up, and then start the editing process (man, I feel tired just thinking about that).


Though there’s at least a year’s worth of work yet to do on this novel, I’m relieved that I’m one step closer to finally getting this thing out into the world.








New Section: Superhero Musings

Back in the summer, I tried to make a superhero blog. I was going to dedicate it to reviews of superhero shows and movies. Unfortunately, I made all of two posts on that blog before abandoning it.
However, after last night’s Arrow episode, I have realized that I still have a lot to say about these shows, and since this blog is (relatively) active, I might as well add that content to this blog. I’m not sure what to call this section (everything clever I can think of is already taken), so for now I’ll label them as Superhero Musings.

The first entry in this new section will be posted later today.

Run Home Children: Updates

After five years of participating in NaNoWriMo, I finally “won” this year with my novel Run Home Children. I celebrated on December 1st with a bag of chocolate donuts and a night of binge-watching Jessica Jones.

Now comes the fun part. Typing up my story and making massive edits.

Luckily, I have the entire thing written out. Most, if not all, of the scenes of the book are written. There is a beginning, middle, and an end. At this point, I have a complete first draft. As this is the second time I have succeeded in such a feat, and the first where the book I completed is the first book in the series, I am ecstatic to be one step closer to having a novel published.

Look for more updates, and more chapters, for Run Home Children in the coming months!

Margaret Stories

Last semester I took a narration class (I’m planning on majoring in creative writing). We wrote a small collection of short stories, and as I wrote I tended toward writing from the first person POV of the same girl. She seemed to have similar characteristics as Margaret, one of the characters from my fantasy series, so I’ve dubbed them (quite uncreatively) the Margaret Stories. I have a creative writing class this semester as well, where about half of my stories are/will be Margaret Stories, so as I write/edit those I’ll post them here, all with the tag “Margaret Stories”. I’ll post the others too, one at a time, with the tag “short stories”.