My Fantasy Star Wars-esque Endeavor

Short Version:

I’ve been working on a borderline-deep-fantasy series since I was in first grade and it’s still not even close to being publishable.

Long Version:

Like most writers, I’m constantly creating stories that will probably never be written. I’ve done this for as long as I can remember. Most of the stories I thought up as a kid, though, were linked together through the mystical land of The Storage Room. Yeah, I know. Elementary school me was great at names. The names of my two heroes were better: Sabertooth (a saber-toothed tiger) and Nightfall (a black panther). I was a bit obsessed with cats at the time. The world in which these two fearless felines resided was all contained in a very real rock necklace that I made in second grade (and then lost in seventh grade. Curse you, middle school janitors!). I liked to “store” imaginary items inside the rock necklace whenever I got bored of them but didn’t want to “lose” them (hence the name). I played this game with my best friend Neha, and every day at recess we played with Sabertooth and Nightfall and whatever other creatures we could come up with.

The stories we made were a bit childish and simple, but they’re the best starting points for novels I’ve ever had.

At the moment, I’ve got plans for six books in the series. The first three involve Neha’s character, Margaret Windshaw (my character), Sabertooth, Nightfall, and the other characters I’ve come up with through the years having adventures in The Storage Room (twelve years later and I still haven’t thought of a cool name). The second trilogy will be a prequel. I hate getting into the specifics when someone verbally asks me (I’m a lot more eloquent when I’m typing than when I’m speaking, which isn’t saying much) so I usually just say “well it’s basically like Star Wars” what with the two trilogies and the prequel idea. The best part is when I get to say “Yeah, I’ve written the first book in the second trilogy, so it’s the fourth book, but it’s kinda the first? Like, chronologically? I dunno.”

I’ve got so many characters and ideas for this series that I can’t walk down the street without one of them popping into my head and demanding attention. I think I’ll dedicate a post on this blog to each of my main characters and then another set of posts to the general outline of the books. Obviously I won’t post spoilers, since I want these to be published at some point. I also won’t post any large portions of my novels for the same reason.

Look for my first character post tomorrow!


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